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Good style

Page structure

If you begin a new page about a specific language, you will find that this page has a predefined structure:

  • page title: “language” in “country”
    • language designations
    • Language vitality according to
    • Linguistic aspects


It is possible to change this structure, but please adhere to it as much as possible.

Page content

To get an idea about what kind of information can be placed under each chapter header, please check the example page, or compare with existing language fact sheets.

Text length

Mercator's wiki on minority languages is an online platform: people will read the texts from screen. Therefore keep the texts short and concise.

For more hints on good style, read here.

Referencing text

Try to accompany all statements about a language with references to written (preferably) or online publications. At the bottom of each section, there is a time stamp. If you update a section's information, please also update the section's time stamp. This can be done by clicking on in the editing toolbar.

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