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International treaties - regional or minority languages

About covenants protecting minority languages, and how they work

Many transnational agreements include the protection (regarding some aspects) of regional or minority languages and/or their users. Usually, these covenants propose a number of measures to improve the situation of regional or minority languages and/or their users. If a nation state decides to ratify such a treaty, it commits itself to carrying out the measures proposed.

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Examples of covenants

This list of conventions is not exhaustive, but aims to mentions some influential ones.

Global covenants:

Covenants by the United Nations:

UNESCO's Declarations and Conventions

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)'s recommendations

International Labour Organization (ILO)'s convention

UNESCO. (2002). Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity:a vision, a conceptual platform, a pool of ideas for implementation, a new paradigm. Cultural Diversity Series (1).
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