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Modifying the map

There are several ways to add a map to a language fact sheet:

  1. By adding a map via an image: for example, see the language fact sheet about Scottish Gaelic in the United Kingdom;
  2. By adding a map via an iFrame: for example, see the language fact sheet about Kashub in Poland;
  3. Using the “openlayers plugin”. See the explanation below, and, for example, the language fact sheet about Frisian in the Netherlands.

When you create a new language fact sheet, the sheet already contains a map based on the “openlayers plugin”. You can modify this map in several ways. If you do, FIRST “PREVIEW” YOUR CHANGES BEFORE YOU SAVE THEM, because problems with the map can make your page inaccessible. To adjust the map, do the following:

  • Change the location of the map by adjusting the value behind “lat” (the latitude) and behind “lon” (the longitude). Coordinates associated with a language can be found at Glottolog;
  • Change the zoom level of the map by adjusting the value behind “zoom”. The lower the number, the more zoomed out the map will be;
  • Add or change Points of Interest. An example point of interest is already shown;
  • If you have a file containing geographic information, such as a “kml” or a “geojson”, you can add this to the map. For more information about this check the documentation of the OpenLayersMap plugin.


If necessary, accompany the map data by a reference to the creator and a link to the license under which it is shared.

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