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Filling out the colour code table

To fill out the colour codes for a specific language:

  • look up a language's vitality rating on these three websites: UNESCO, Ethnologue, Endangered Languages;
  • look up these ratings in the table below to find out to what colour codes they correspond;
  • fill out the vitality table on the language's fact sheet with the three colour codes: the colour codes can be inserted using the Media Manager (the -button in the toolbar when editing a page). Once in the Media manager, the colour codes are located in the folder “endangerment”.

Colour code table

UNESCO Ethnologue's EGIDS Endangered language's LEI
safe safe 0: International International safe safe
1: National National
2: Provincial Provincial
3: Wider Communication Wider Communication
4: Educational Educational
5: Developing Developing
6a: Vigorous Vigorous At risk safe
vulnerable vulnerable 6b: Threatened threatened vulnerable vulnerable
definitively endangered definitively endangered 7: in trouble definitively endangered threatened definitively endangered
severely endangered severely endangered 8a: Moribund Moribund endangered Moribund
8b: dying dying severely endangered  severely endangered
critically endangered 9  9 critically endangered  critically endangered
Extinct extinct Extinct extinct Dormant dormant
awakening extinct

Note on the wiki's use on colour codes

The colour codes correspond with descriptions of language vitality given by three websites: the website of Unesco's Atlas for languages in danger, the online Ethnologue, and the Endangered Languages website. Each website uses its own, unrelated, system to rate a language's vitality, using terms such as “vulnerable”, “endangered”, “critically endangered”, etc. Mercator's wiki chooses to represent these vitality descriptions with colour codes, so that the viewer can quickly get an idea of the language's vitality.

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