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 ==== Language vitality according to: ==== ==== Language vitality according to: ====
-^ [[http://​​languages-atlas/​|UNESCO]] ​         ^ [[https://​​language/​csb/​|Ethnologue]] ​ ^ [[http://​​lang/​3453|Endangered Languages]] ​ ^ +^ [[http://​​languages-atlas/​|UNESCO]] ​         ^ [[https://​​language/​csb/​|Ethnologue]] ​ ^ [[http://​​lang/​3453|Endangered Languages]]  ^  [[https://​​resource/​languoid/​id/​kash1274|Glottolog]]  ^ 
-| {{ :​endangerment:​orange.png?​nolink |Severely Endangered}} ​ | {{ :​endangerment:​red.png?​nolink |Moribund }}             ​| {{ :​endangerment:​orange.png?​nolink |Vulnerable}} ​                       |+ {{:​endangerment:​orange.png?​nolink|Severely Endangered}} ​ |  {{:​endangerment:​red.png?​nolink|Moribund}} ​  {{:​endangerment:​orange.png?​nolink|Vulnerable}} ​ ​| ​ {{:​endangerment:​yellow.png?​nolink|Threatened}}  ​|
 ==== Linguistic aspects: ==== ==== Linguistic aspects: ====
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 Agreement on a unified spelling system for literary Kashubian was reached in 1996 (([[http://​​fileadmin/​mercator/​dossiers_pdf/​kashubian_in_poland.pdf|Mercator Regional Dossier: //Kashubian in Poland//, 2004]])) Agreement on a unified spelling system for literary Kashubian was reached in 1996 (([[http://​​fileadmin/​mercator/​dossiers_pdf/​kashubian_in_poland.pdf|Mercator Regional Dossier: //Kashubian in Poland//, 2004]]))
 +=== quote on linguistic distance to the standardized form ===
 +//"I started to learn Kashubian at school and then I decided to take the Kashubian final exam. I said to my mum: 'You have to speak Kashubian with me now'. And we started to speak Kashubian. But once my mum said to me that I spoke a different Kashubian and that it would be better for me not to hear her uneducated language. And she refused to speak Kashubian with me"​.//​((Excerpt from Nicole Dolowy-Wybinska,​ ‘Young Kashubs and Language Policy: Between Officialisation and Community’,​ in Policy and Planning for Endangered Languages, by Mari C. Jones (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015)
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   * [[https://​​writing/​kashubian.htm|Omniglot]] with phrases and numbers   * [[https://​​writing/​kashubian.htm|Omniglot]] with phrases and numbers
-  * [[https://​​watch?​v=PVg68TjQ3k4|The Sound of the Kashubian language]] with numbers, phrases and a text 
   * [[http://​​lang/​3454/​guide|Endangered Languages]] videos   * [[http://​​lang/​3454/​guide|Endangered Languages]] videos
   * [[https://​​hulnia/​csb.php?​mova=en|Kashubian words in pictures]], a game   * [[https://​​hulnia/​csb.php?​mova=en|Kashubian words in pictures]], a game
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