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European covenants:

Charter for Regional and Minority languages (1992)

  • Set up by the Council of Europe
  • State parties who have ratified the Charter are expected to uphold its policies.
  • Offers protection for “regional or minority languages” defined as languages traditionally used within a given territory of a state by nationals of that state who form a group numerically smaller than the rest of the state’s population; they are different from the official language(s) of that state, and they include neither dialects of the official language(s) of the state nor the languages of migrants.
  • View the text of the Charter here (English version).

The Charter operates similar to other covenants: it proposes measures that nations, which ratify the Charter, should take. In the Charter's case, these measures are divided into two separate sets called “Part II” and “Part III”:

  • Part II represents a set of general provisions, which apply to all minority languages within a member state's territory;
  • Part III represents a set of additional provisions, which apply to a subselection of minority languages, that receive additional protection.

Look here for an overview of which language is protected by which Part of the Charter.

To determine whether member states uphold the policies of the Charter, a delegate from the Council of Europe visits the member states every few years and reports about their compliance.

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